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How we reached here — from a core of thought to a brand-new website

A journey where no reason was ever implanted, just a figment of well churned out thought, curved our mind to shed something old and upright basically — everything — from design; developer’s insight; to minuscule chunk of a content.

Drawing all the vibes together to shapeup vision — our Project Visionaries

Being a Visionary in a project is like decapsulating the thought process and making it a reality through rigorous follow ups with the team of all verticals. We have the delight of having the falcon’s eye and the state-of-the-art expertise of our two visionaries. These two visionaries have passed on, their — over a decade’s expertise of team handling amid pressures of retaining the best idea on the surface. One of them, the visionary, who is currently heading the operations have earlier shaped up the new website project from its very beginning to its ultimate final core —successfully, and this time, the other visionary, having two decade’s expertise in the technical architect, planned and executed the latest website formation, taking the success of previous website further, extended his marquee of IT expertise, while taking all the teams together in a single thread, from designer to development , and content to SEO, shaping up new digital space for — Elite Web Technologies.

The Developers — a team in sync with state-of-the-art coding practices

Developers are always on the edge to turn the events, as they are ready to work on a war scale just to take a clear snapshot of an ongoing project. Team Elite expected the same from its developers for this elite project, as it was like a homecoming for them, yet they were all agile and their response time was in total sync with the Elite Web Technologies management team. Having the expertise of over a decade, a key member from the visionaries, heading operations, has the nitty-gritties, to manage many elite projects under his belt, therefore his experience helped him shaping up his art of decision making an elite reality, and under his supervision previous website molded into a live reality. This time around, the development team took guidance where ever it was feasible from both the visionaries. Our development gems for this novel project, teamed up perfectly and were successful in recreating something out of the box to match the state-of-the-art artifact, that is, our new website.

Our epicentral yet aesthetic Designers — with refined brushing skills

Designers are at the epicenter of an IT company, as bottleneck competition has let the IT world engrossed with state-of-the-art skillset when they look for a designer to enter into their perimeter. Our designers at team Elite, possesses the industry standard attributes, to let our guests flickering their eyes and feel the smoothness of our designs. Our elite garlands of the design team, have undergone rigorous brainstorming sessions to shape up all the designs using their brushing skills to create our new website. Elite Web Technologies, thanks to all of these gems for such a beautiful work.

Digital Marketing — our social media world of algorithmic & optimized ethos

Digital marketing is a blend of tools to push the keywords into the veins of internet to draw novel traffic with the optimized help of Google’s algorithms. The ranking among the best in this field, matters a lot, and this modern-day arsenal helps companies grow in their targeted verticals. Whether your business needs are B2B or B2C, digital marketing illuminates your presence on those portals where it is crucial to penetrate, just businesswise. Our digital marketing team has the key analytical skills to fetch the performance reports using Google Analytics and exceled in search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, whilst purifying the web content through — optimization. Team Elite, thanks to their gems from the digital marketing team for making a world of difference, with their sheer marketing knowledge of how to bring the contrasting effect to let Elite Web Technologies new website shine on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn.

Brewing a novel thought — Blend of human resources & analytics

She is the person with a mind that personifies her alphabetical aptitude to go for the depth across the documents, as being from the human resources vertical, she always looks for adjunct responsibilities as she feels open to a world of new responsibilities, even if they are on a war scale. She was part of the “first seed” that was sown, and novel website idea brewed, started growing there after, and her analytical insights with colours, illuminated our new website pages with grace. The self-growth starts from the point where you start believing in yourself, and she adjusted well as she aligned her corporate cores to match with the benchmarks of this company. She was quite agile in her response to the management, when further appointed for initializing the profiling process of those employees, who were part of this novice project. She collected the information, wireframed it to be made draft ready, and pushed for further refinement to the content department for retrospection to quickly leap forward towards — the fruition.
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