Ready to build the future?

At Elite , we can help you build your own DApp, whether you’re envisioning a new cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum, a new decentralized app (DApp), or even an update of an existing app.

Blockchain DApp Services

Whether you’d like to create a new cryptocurrency or build a smart contract, Elite can help you build your DApp quickly and securely, protecting not just your users but also your intellectual property.

Why use Blockchain Technology

You could just blindly follow the hype train. But, wouldn’t it be better to truly understand what you’re getting into? There are various key benefits of using blockchain technology for app development.

Decentralized Infrastructure

This is one of the primary characteristics of blockchain. There is no need to have intermediaries or trusted third parties validate transactions, because each transaction is recorded on a distributed ledger that itself serves as a tamper-proof “consensus mechanism”.

Transparency And Trust

Because each transaction is recorded and validated on a decentralized and publicly visible ledger (the blockchain), users enjoy transparency and trust that the system is working as intended

Immutability And Security

Making unauthorized changes to a blockchain is next to impossible. Because the blockchain is distributed over a robust network of computers or nodes, compromising one or even multiple nodes has no effect on the blockchain, which operates by consensus. This makes blockchain extremely attractive as an immutable ledger that is highly resistant to hacker attacks.

Cheaper Transaction Costs

A blockchain transaction system does not require any third party intermediaries to carry out, approve, or verify transactions. Since there is no middleman, and instructions are executed by the blockchain system itself, you can greatly reduce the time and money spent processing a transaction.

Why Choose Us For Blockchain App Development

Strategic Consultancy

We are iPhone and iPad mobile app development experts with experience in catering to enterprises belonging to all domains. We here at Elite specialize in creating end-to-end tailor-made mobile solutions using latest iOS SDKs and with a seamless native user interface design.

Blockchain Technology Solutions

Our blockchain technical experts and developers solve real business problems using custom-made blockchain solutions. Whether your focus is on empowering a target audience, improving backend processes, or creating a whole new operating model on blockchain technology, Elite is ready to work with you.

Blockchain Solution Implementation

Our blockchain technical team is fully equipped to troubleshoot any interoperability issues or bugs in your already-deployed blockchain. The Elite team deals with complex implementations with diligence and never backs down from a challenge.

Top Blockchain Application Development Platforms


Ethereum is one of the most popular and flexible platforms on which to develop smart contracts and blockchain applications. It is open source and has already gained rapid adoption, as evidenced by the hundreds of ERC20-based projects on the market. With Ethereum, you can create apps that run without any downtime, fraud, or third-party interference.

Salient Features

  • Smart wallet & Smart cash
  • Autonomous organization built on democratic systems
  • Create and design customized cryptocurrency


OpenChain or ‘transaction chain’ is also an open distributed ledger technology. Instead of blocks, OpenChain links transactions as soon as they are completed, hence the concept of a ‘transaction chain’ platform. OpenChain is best suited for companies that require robust, secure and scalable management and issuance of digital assets.

Salient Features

  • Fast: instant confirmation of transactions
  • Easy to use: assign aliases instead of base-58 addresses to users
  • More control over transactions: transactions are auditable and transparent
  • Safe: handle loss or theft of private keys without incurring any loss to the end users


Monax, previously known as ‘Eris’, is a classic example of a development platform used to build ecosystem applications leveraging blockchain technology. You can create smart contract-based SDKs to accelerate the time you take to enter the market with sophisticated ecosystem applications

Salient Features

  • Smart wallet & Smart cash
  • Autonomous organization built on democratic systems
  • Create and design customized cryptocurrency