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Elite Web Technologies, utilizes machine learning, artificial intelligence, and neural networks in self-taught enterprise solutions. Take advantage of our solid technological expertise and extensive pool of IT professionals.

With the unprecedented advancements in the technology, the humans have leaped forward to the realms of artificial intelligence and machine learning. The market is full of services where the essence of artificial intelligence is of great importance, like evolution of the tools like Siri as well Alexa — to name a few, the unrealistic grounds which were earlier unimaginable like self-driving cars now seem to have under our technical grip. The load which bots are undertaking on many websites have create a space for the companies where they can save money to have small teams. And clearly in this new world, where the generation uses platforms like Netflix to watch OTT content, the recommendations given to them is all the work of artificial intelligence. Elite Web Technologies, can help you to shape up your idea of artificial intelligence need for your company into — elite reality.  


Machine learning systems process and analyse enormous amounts of data without explicit programming. They scrutinize previous experience and improve performance on the fly. Elite Web Technologies’ offshore and nearshore experts have rigid hands-on knowledge of developing self-taught software for Healthcare, Information and Content Management, Entertainment, and other industries.

We write machine learning algorithms with Python and R and use multiple additional frameworks and libraries such as Caffe, DeepLearning4J, TensorFlow, Theano, Torch, and more. 

Why use machine learning and AI?

For a wide array of tasks, machine learning is superior to traditional software designs. It stands behind state-of-the-art search engines, real-time data science, digital security, and artificial intelligence software. Elite Web Technologies, is a leading company in Asia, USA, UK and Dubai when it comes to cutting-edge machine learning and cognitive computing expertise. We can help you boost services and outperform the competition with the power of AI.


Machine learning systems examine how users access corporate data and categorize behavioural patterns. Self-taught algorithms, recognize user activities that might put valuable data at risk and act to isolate them. Elite Web Technologies, can help you build a rigid cybersecurity system that identifies and prevents security breaches in real-time. Such systems will become a necessity in the near future, as hackers already actively use machine learning to crack traditional cybersecurity barriers.

Financial security

Much like with cybersecurity, machine learning algorithms are incredibly good at recognizing corrupt financial activities. They analyse, user actions and distinguish between various types of transactions. Our team at, Elite Web Technologies, creates custom self-taught solutions that track anomalies on the fly and flag suspicious behaviour. These systems accurately detect frauds and other criminal activities.

Real-time data science — all with Elite Web Technologies AI

Do you want to know what your clients do and why? Would you like to get this information before it becomes obsolete? Conventional data analysis implies a delay between data collection and offline batch processing. Our engineers develop machine learning systems that harvest and analyse big data to provide insights during user interaction. “On-the-fly” approach offers unlimited opportunities for customer segmentation, precise marketing campaigns, and more. Elite Web Technologies’ machine learning and AI engineers, have vast experience with real-time data mining and custom machine learning algorithms behind it.

Multi-Purpose Chatbots

Chatbots are a special use-case for natural language processing. This technology is common in sales, information acquisition, and automated customer service. Elite Web Technologies’, developers create efficient multi-purpose chatbots for retail, telecom, and other industries. We use state-of-the-art machine learning and AI algorithms that automate user interactions, cut costs and boost sales.

Neural Networks & AI

Artificial neural networks or deep learning systems are great at crunching big data sets with a massive number of variables. These systems discover behavioural patterns that humans and conventional software designs cannot identify. Elite Web Technologies’ specialists integrate neural networks and artificial intelligence libraries into software solutions. We utilize complex ready-to-use deep-learning packages and customize them to match objectives of your development project


Elite Web Technologies, ensures that it will help you create the intelligence needed for your machines that can simulate human thinking capability and the behaviour your team need it to address. We have the right expertise to allow your machines to learn from your data without being programmed explicitly for this purpose.


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