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Remember when your mother warned you not to run down the stairs because you could fall and hurt yourself? Or when you held your palm over a candle’s flame and started feeling the burn? The “laws of UX” are similar — they are cause and effect relationships where one event (the cause) makes another event happen (the effect). Whether a designer acknowledges them or not, the “laws” rule and operate — and will affect the effectiveness of a design.

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iOS App Development

We are, iPhone and iPad, mobile app development experts, with experience in catering to enterprises, belonging to all domains. We here at Elite Web Technologies, specialize in creating end-to-end tailor-made mobile solutions, using latest iOS SDKs, and with a seamless native user interface design.

Innovation Is A Virtue Of The Bold And We Strive All Our Courage To Be Brave And Bold.

Elite Web Technologies, is an awarded iOS app development and design company, specializing in delivering innovative, robust, scalable, intuitive, and user-friendly iPhone/iPad mobile applications.

The X factor with iPhone App Development Services

If you are still thinking “Should I reach out to an iOS Mobile app development company at all?”, you are in the right section. For your help, we list out here the reasons why having your app on iOS is an idea worth your time:

Provides High Security

No more worrying about your banking apps from your device. iOS provides a strong shield for virus and malware, making it the perfect choice for business app development.

Tech-Savvy Audience

Phone has always been an attractive device for Tech-Savvy audiences. With a well-developed iPhone app, Companies can enhance their reach for the smartest of the lot.

Great Consumer Experience

Apple provides perfect hardware, excellent customer support, and flawless software development interface the recipe of great user experience.

Higher ROI

iOS apps have the ability, to cater to the investment-worthy clients and increase the reach of business with enhanced value.

Android App Development

Android controls the mobile market platform with close to 75 percent of the total share. A platform that has the potential to increase your customer base by millions. As the new Android is pushed down the vendor line-up lots of new design changes are pushed in, for instance, Jetpack, Jetpack Compose, Android Studio. We are well equipped and upright with all these changes taking place in the android world, to help you build beautiful high-quality apps based on Material Design Standards set by Google.

We here at Elite Web Technologies, have mastered the art of creating the most stunning and ravishingly robust Android Apps that run smoothly on all types of major Android devices and versions.

Crafting Visually Stunning Android Apps.

Why Android Application Development?

The Android application market is growing at a fast pace with many new advanced features. Let’s have a look at a few reasons why companies should go for Android App Development.

Now is the time: a step forward towards Android

Before we even start making the android app for you, we make sure that the fundamental concepts are taken into the consideration, that how the app will offer multiple entry points, and how the app will adapt to different digital devices. We make sure that we follow the best practices to revamp your android experience, as in the android platform many functionalities are improved like dependency injection, which helps to reuse the code again, so that the user has the ease of refactoring as well as of testing. The importance of the accessibility in the app is also very important as there are roughly 15% people in the world who are suffering with some sort of disability, and they want to use the app effectively. The emerging markets have certain key areas where its improved features can increase the market share like the handling of mixed connectivity where high-definition ~/images will be properly handled even in the slow connections. The other important aspect in android is, the app’s memory footprint is effectively lowered as per various device capabilities, hence further allowing the user — to control the usage of the data and reducing the size of the app, ultimately controlling the consumption, and making it even more lightweight. Everybody connected with app development know the importance of UI and its content, and Elite Web Technologies, make sure that your app will quickly respond to the user input, and as per the clients needs — it will be designed to be easily localized. Let’s connect to make an app for you.


Easy-to-use & highly engaging apps

Brand Vision

Capturing wider market in highly influential technology market


Customized profitable apps that suit your business needs

Google Supports

Owned by Google that supports all computing tasks

Cross-Platform Mobile Solutions

From its name it is very much clear, that the mobile solutions which are — cross platform, will run on different platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows. The programmers use intermediate languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript— as these languages are not native to the devices and operating systems. The code of the cross-platform apps is sharable, the access to the device capabilities is limited, the performance part is high but due to the cross-platform status, lags and compatibility issues may occur. The development costs — on the contrary, are low if we compare with native app development. More importantly, it has the reach up to the wider audiences and the coders don’t need to write the code again and again, hence reducing the engineering workload. Therefore, it is the future of the app development industry.

Why to slide into a cross-platform app world?

It’s amazing that we have the option to move into the tech world, where we have leverage to pull the strings of multiple frameworks and have the etiquettes of a large audience. Still have some queries in your mind. As a business firm, if the benchmarks of working with different platforms, is the thing you are looking in your app —then cross-platform app is the right answer. Elite Web Technologies, have the expertise of doing the project in various app development frameworks like React Native, Flutter and more. Lots of companies think in a way, that they have to pay just for one app which can be workable in many platforms, thus deciding to have just one codebase, one development team and it only means —lower costs for the project. If the app can quickly collect the important user feedback and let the users having the feel of same UI, where the platform does not matter, it just remains the same for all and provides the uniform experience for its end users. If you are a start-up then go for it, as Elite Web Technologies, will prototype a mobile app for you in no time, with very little resources.

HTML5 App Development

We develop high quality, feature-rich, and business-centric cross-platform mobile and web apps using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. We are known for our understanding of ambient user-experience, seamless development process, and reputed business experience.

Innovative mobile business strategies.

Blending the power of mobility with and cross-platform compatibility, hybrid apps are the perfect choice for clients seeking to maximize their project's installation base while minimizing the overall cost of their project.

Why Cross-platform Mobile App Development

The clear advantage of cross-platform mobile app development is that you’ll be able to deliver your concise message to everyone, rather than having several companies work on several types of apps (which often results in bugs, issues, and wildly differing user experiences). Having the same company work on several apps means that you’ll have the following:
  • Consistent branding and messaging
  • One overall user interface design (a user can be familiar with your app on any device)
  • Reduced costs compared with attempting to build individual apps for each device
  • A more organized and successful launch, often resulting in reduced marketing costs

Is Flutter The Future Of Cross-platform App Development?

Ideal for POC and rapidly launching an MVP in the market, Flutter app development services are all the rage in the new millennial era.

Flutter Application Development opens endless possibilities

Mobile app development using Flutter renders the advantage of speeding up the app development process. It easily allows us to build and scale beautiful interfaces in less time when compared to Native apps.

Expedite development speed

By enabling us to define both look and functionality of your app using Dart alone, Flutter keeps XML out of the picture, making the process faster.

Hot reload

As the name suggests, Hot Reload solves a lot of problems in one go. Flutter instantly shows the result of your code changes on the app screen. It helps in adding features, fixingbugs and experimenting faster.

Population of widget

Flutter’s framework is made of widgets which in turn are made of widgets, making your app extensible and customizable.

Material design and Cupertino

Flutter gives a new meaning to Cross Platform Native apps with widget library made of both Material Design (Google) and Cupertino (Apple).

Reactive framework

Flutter makes updating content to your UI manually, a thing of the past. Update variables in your state and UI will reflect all the changes automatically

Dart benefits

The growing Dart libraries make Flutter application development a matter of few code lines.


Elite Web Technologies has the vigour to shapeup your need to create state-of-the-art apps for native platforms like Android, iOS;or having the picture of portability of cross-platform in your mind, or the easiness of Xamarin based platform — we do it all.

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