Breaking the Development — Operations barrier, while keeping the security features intact


Many organisations want their projects to tether around the secured parameters and perfect timelines, and that’s where the DevOps gets into the big picture to enhance the productivity as well as the speed of everything that is involved in the project. Whenever, the teams are undertaking any projects, there are many constraints which may arise during the whole process, the most common is the out of sync scenario where the inter-communication between the teams is not properly synced and the proper timeline to complete the project suffers a lot. Therefore, the new world scenario is the recognition of the DevOps’s dawn period — after the yesteryear’s twilight, hence emerging as the crucial aspect from the start of the SDLC.

Depending upon the needs of the clients, Elite Web Technologies can integrate the security features in the undertaken projects, from the very beginning of the software development life cycle, thus making it safer and ensuring the state-of-the-art quality. There is one term, we coin the whole process — DevSecOps; when security is the main feature of the project. Integrating both traditional teams, that is, development and operations, removes many obstacles and helps in optimizing even the minuscule element involved in the SDLC. 

DevOps Consultancy

Helping companies close the automation gap through — Modern DevOps Practices

Elite Web Technologies, DevOps consulting services help you embed the automation, processes, and team composition changes that will harmonize your Development and Operations departments. Optimizing your system with DevOps-as-a-Service will enhance your capability to deploy work into production with greater speed, quality, and control.

DevOps Consultancy refers to the practice of seeking professional guidance and expertise from specialised consultants or consulting firms in the field of Cloud management techniques.

DevOps is a set of practices and cultural philosophies that aim to improve collaboration, communication, and integration between software development and IT operations teams. The primary goal of DevOps is to streamline the software delivery process, increase the speed of development, and enhance the overall quality and reliability of software products.

DevOps Consultancy involves working with experienced professionals who have in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in implementing DevOps principles within organisations. These consultants assist businesses in adopting DevOps practices, tools, and to optimize their software development and delivery processes. 

What’s the need of top-notch DevOps engineers?

While you work with Elite Web Technologies, you can rely on our state-of-the-art digital technologies and the level of DevOps expertise we have gained in all these years working with our elite clients. Our team has the right skills to transform your projects into reality, as we ensure you the best of services — to DevOps everything for you.

Full scalability

Changing the server capacity on the go by introducing automated scalability scripts.

Speed for the users

Delivering fast and reliable software to your users, even when they come in thousands

Speed for your business

Reducing the time to market and releasing new features thanks to continuous deployment

Impeccable security

World-class security measures introduced by DevOps engineers from day one

Total flexibility

Instantly reacting to any threats to the stability and safety of your software with custom containers

The Role of a DevOps Consultant Typically Includes the Following

Assessment and Planning

DevOps consultants analyze the existing development and operations processes to identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and areas for improvement. They develop a roadmap and strategy for implementing DevOps practices tailored to the specific needs of the organisation.

Toolchain Selection and Implementation

DevOps consultants help in selecting appropriate tools and technologies that align with the organisationl’s goals and facilitate automation, continuous integration, continuous delivery, monitoring, and other essential DevOps practices. They assist in the setup and configuration of these tools.

Culture and Team Collaboration

DevOps is not just about tools; it’s also a cultural shift. Consultants work with teams to foster a collaborative and feedback-driven culture, breaking down silos between development and operations departments.

Process Automation

Automation is a key aspect of DevOps. Consultants help organizations automate repetitive tasks, such as building, testing, and deployment processes, to improve efficiency and reduce human error.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)

DevOps consultants guide organizations in setting up CI/CD pipelines, allowing them to release software updates quickly and frequently while maintaining quality.

Monitoring and Feedback Loops

Consultants assist in establishing monitoring and logging practices to gather valuable insights into system performance, user behavior, and application health. This data is used to improve the software and make informed decisions.

Security and Compliance

DevOps consultants also focus on integrating security practices into the development and deployment processes to ensure that security is not compromised during the rapid software delivery.

Overall, DevOps consultancy helps organizations accelerate their software delivery, enhance collaboration, and achieve greater agility and competitiveness in today’s fast-paced technological landscape. It also ensures that DevOps implementation is done thoughtfully and in line with the organization’s unique needs and goals.


We help both large enterprises and start-ups to achieve better software quality and improve time to market with our DevOps consulting services. Development and operation functions aligned and equipped with automation help to identify and prevent emerging issues and keep the code ready for release throughout the development. We specialize in, but not limited to the following services:


Once your product is finished, we make sure it’s ready to run in production in a reliable way.

We use the Cloud to provide you with a strategic advantage

We understand that you want to get your product to the market ahead of the competition. We can support you to do this by providing a CI/CD process tailored to your needs, while keeping the infrastructure costs optimal.

We ensure reliability

Reliability is of paramount importance to your clients. We offer you Infrastructure as code, with Site Reliable Engineering (SRE), which gives you greater ease of usage, consistency and accountability.

We remove technical obstacles

We help you realise your business goals without worrying about obstacles. It doesn’t matter to us if you have a hundred or a million clients – we prepare your website for high traffic. Importantly we will solve business problems quicker.

We leave more time for innovation

Because our streamlined processes lead to improved efficiency, we are left with more time for proactively brainstorming and helping you to further improve your digital product. We give you the support you need to further drive your business forward.

How We Can Improve Your DevOps Workflow?

There are many different tools and practices within DevOps. It’s important for teams within an organization to be able to communicate effectively so they can develop code properly, deploy it safely and monitor its performance after it goes live.
You can make your DevOps workflow more efficient while also improving collaboration between your development team members. Our product is built on top of GitLab’s open source platform, which means it has all the benefits of GitLab without any of the costs associated with installing or maintaining your own private instance.

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Get in touch with Elite Web Technologies in Panchkula, Chandigarh, Zirakpur, or Mohali. Thank you for your interest in Elite Web Technologies. Whether you have a question about our services, need assistance with a project, we are here to help! You can get in touch with us You can also reach out to us through our social media channels.

Feel free to reach out to us using any of the provided contact information. Our dedicated team of experts is eager to assist you and ensure your inquiries are addressed promptly and professionally.

Thank you for considering Elite Web Technologies. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you with your digital needs! 


We’ll do it all for you, whether it is the optimization process, integrating the operations and development teams, or ensuring the state-of-the-art security measures in your project right from the start of the SDLC. We will ensure the swiftness, rapid delivery of the undertaken work, and reliability of the application updates as well as the infrastructure adaptability, automation and consistency to ensure the scalability you want.


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