Take your in-premisis application services to “Cloud” for 24×7 availibility


Team Elite is fully equiped with highly specilized personal who have vast experience in settings up and managing the cloud infra. Our Team has a special flair in developing and migrating Native Windows Desktop Applications & Legacy Applications to Cloud based scalable apps that are capable of doing the same functions supporting millions of customers at one time.

Whether you have an existing cloud application that needs feature integration or you want to develop one or just simply want to get quote & overview if your desktop application can be made cloud ready, Just turn to Team Elite, Pick up the phone and call us on our numbers or email us and we would be happy to assist you.Team Elite has the resources and capability to convert your thoughts into a working reality.


Team Elite patiently listens to your business needs & requirements and then builds a custom proposal around your requirements based on the inputs that you give to our business team. We, then come up with a custom cloud solutions that help you better interact with your customers and be available for them 24×7.

Application transformation

Move to the cloud and transform your products to improve the reliability, availability, and scalability of your apps. Elite application architects will help you audit your application and choose the best approach for cloud migration so that you can unlock the power of cloud-native application development.
The holistic approach to migrating applications including banking services, data sources, and integration with external systems

Data Services

Whenever you are migrating from on-premise to cloud or building your cloud data solution from scratch, we will support you in managing data and making the best use of it. Leverage our broad data expertise to design different kinds of data solutions


Expanding your market reach

Our experts will help you architect cloud-native solutions for the future. They ensure millisecond latency, process millions of requests per second, and can support millions of users anywhere in the world. You will be able to break into new markets and reach more customers as your business grows without the cost and headache of rewriting your applications.

Faster time-to-market

We undertake rigorous planning, design efficient workflows, make use of automation in CI/CD, and ensure effective management of the release process. All this will allow you to reduce time to market of your cloud-native apps without compromising quality.

Great elasticity

Elite engineers will advise you on how to scale your cloud-native architecture avoiding common bottlenecks. We help companies build resources up or down responding to traffic surges and fluctuations.

Cost optimization

We will help you reduce your overall spend on cloud-native applications by identifying mismanaged resources, eliminating waste, reserving capacity for higher discounts, and right-sizing computing services to scale.

Enhanced security

Elite is a technological development Microsoft Partner . We use best practices in data security and threat intelligence. Following DevSecOps approach, we incorporate security into every step of cloud-native application development to ensure you meet industry regulations.

Harness the power of cloud with Elite and AWS

As an enterprise software development company, we aim at building a long-term partnership with our customers. We enable organizations to tune up their project scopes, benefit from onsite or remote collaboration, and reshape cooperation upon their capabilities and needs.

Cloud solutions for Data & Analytics

Unlock the power of Big Data by using advanced data analytics techniques powered by ML & AI algorithms. Our data scientists will help you extract actionable insights from diverse data sets - structured and unstructured; in transit or at rest; generated in real time and at a large scale allowing you to make informed and timely decisions. Data architects at Elite will help you build your Big Data & Analytics solution from scratch or migrate it to AWS using modern technology stack and AWS-managed services like Amazon EMR, Redshift, Kinesis, and Elasticsearch.

Cloud-Native architecture

Enjoy all the benefits of cloud infrastructure and managed services by leveraging proper cloud-native architecture for your applications. Cloud-Native architects at Elite will help you assess and develop a serverless architecture with AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon S3, and Amazon DynamoDB. If you need to build a large platform with constant scaling in mind, we will assist you in designing the microservices architecture that offers greater control, security, and cost-efficiency from a long-term perspective.

Cloud migration

We are ready to support you at every stage of your cloud journey. Starting from cloud readiness assessment and cloud strategy development to infrastructure set up, architecture redesign, migration, and maintenance - our specialists will take good care of your migration to cloud..

Cost optimization

Optimize costs on cloud and improve the performance of your solution. We will analyze your current AWS infrastructure and technology to identify opportunities for more efficient and cost-effective use of cloud infrastructure and managed AWS services.


Streamline your software delivery and deployment, improve development efficiency, and save costs with our DevOps expertise. Our team will set up standardized fully automated deployment cycles (CI/CD), automate the configuration and management of IT infrastructure using Infrastructure-as-a-code. Also, our team will help you build efficient monitoring and alerting solution to prevent disruptions.


TEAM ELITE has all the expertise it needs to make your product scalable and ready for Future with ZERO downtime.All you need to worry about is the customer satisfaction and leave rest of all the worries to us and see your business grow leaps and bounds.


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