Team Elite has worked with some of the prestegious Fortune 500+ companies around the globe supporting their enterprise management applications and CRM systems. We have a Specialized team that works on the Epicor application development platform , that is a premier Backoffice operations and process management ERP in USA.

PHP Development

75% of websites, including Facebook, Wikipedia, WordPress and Yahoo use PHP for web development. Join the party. Our team helps in creating best back-end platforms to ensure your app performs well.

We believe in combining both, the creativity and the imaginations to render user-friendly and appealing websites. The team is capable of handling all the programming and the development services. Our programmers use all the tools to create interactive yet appealing outcomes. They try meeting up all the requirements of the global clients. We are in total sync with what’s happening n the PHP world, as our team is continuously raising the bar of its state-of-the-art technological expertise to curve out industry standard web applications.


A web application framework with elegance in its syntax and expressive features, allowing you to be a bit of an artist and enabling you to create your work without going into the minuscule of the details but just focusing on the larger picture. Laravel is the best choice right now to create web applications which are modern and full stack. This is your own framework being tagged as progressive — it just grows with you. If someone senior is using this tool in your team then one has the wisdom of vigorous tools like dependency injection, queues, real-time events,unit testing, and few more tools. It is extensively scalable and supports Redis, as a cache and database, therefore able to handle hundreds of millions of requests every month.It has revolutionized the methods how you build the web applications. It has the community support just in case your team needs it.


The framework is small yet accompanied with some vibrant and powerful features. It has been built for the developers, though with a very small footprint, hence making it more agile yet simple & elegant to create the web applications with absolute features. It’s sailing feature is its small size, that is almost 1.2 MB, extended with 6MB user guide, thus allowing it to consistently outclass its competitors. It gives the cushion of MVC, but it does not imposeit on the end users. Further extending its salient features, it is totally secure framework offering you the built-in protection against attacks like CSRF and XSS. Once you decide to have it on your system it will let you start the ground running, as it needs almost zero configuration and now you just have to connect your database — that’s it.

Yii framework

This PHP framework is fast yet secure and it comes with a shrewd efficiency, hence allowing it to be more flexible and less prone to shortcomings of problem solving as it is pragmatic in its very nature. It does not let you feel confined as it works out of the box in most of the situations. The basic reason for being fast is the presence of least possible overheads, thus providing you the maximum functionality. Its built-in tools help you write secure code and which is solid enough and allows you the grip of writing more in less time with powerful APIs.


It’s fast and growing consistently, as it has raised the scaffold of its features, thus it is easy to build the prototypes with CakePHP. You don’t have to rustle with complicated files like XML or YAML, as it saves you from the hassle of setting up lots of things, set up your database &just start the ground running. It is licenced under MIT licence; therefore, you can anytime extend your vision to make commercial applications. It’s PHP MVC framework has lots of built-in things like database access, validation, authentication, and many more. While using it you just don’t have to plan, it helps you out with set of its conventions, and help you shape up your applications. It gives your applications the security, as its build-in tools help you sniff the errors and validate the input, providing you a cover of CSRF protection, actively helping you escape the SQL injections, and saves your forms to be tempered free — thus a secure environment for you to prevail and excel. Extra cushion of support comes directly from, the Mozilla Open-Source program, where it diminishes the dilemma of auditing of its code, as CakePHP’s codebase is audited thoroughly from the same. And you are always welcomed to join its community — in case you want to contribute.


Once with us, you love to bind us for a long time

Partnerships play a crucial role for the successful pathways, where if, mindsets are similar eventually — both enjoys


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