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With dozens of skilled cloud experts on board, we are fully equipped to help you, develop cloudnative apps or move your existing applications to the cloud. Starting from cloud readiness assessment and cloud strategy development to infrastructure set up, architecture redesign, migration, and maintenance – our specialists will support you at any stage of your — cloud journey.

Whether you are looking for a qualified software development provider, to deliver a custom enterprise software solution for you, or an experienced integrator to create a connected software ecosystem or a diversified team of developers to handle a bunch of enterprise apps, you can turn to — Elite Web Technologies. 


  • Frontend development
  • Backend development
Frontend development is the key to keep your users satisfied, as it is responsible for what they see and interact with. Therefore, an impeccable frontend is a must, when building an app, that’s visually appealing and highly functional and bug free. We ensure you that our customers get the responsive, well-performing digital product they deserve and as they have imagined. We have an experienced team of Angular, Vue.js and React frontend developers, who have spent thousands of hours crafting the world-class web apps. Our team is very much aware of the constant development of tools and techniques to develop frontend, to raise their bar to state-of-the-art skills, so that we always deliver astonishing apps that matches the business calibre of our elite clients.


Focus on your users’ experience and build web apps with stunning responsive interfaces with React. If you are looking for a mature, dependable, and secure frontend framework, this is the one for you. React is a high-quality tool effectively used for frontend development by giants like Facebook and PayPal, dominating the market since 2015. Its primary focus is, the user interface, which results in the creation of attractive and highly interactive designs. Also, development with React is generally considered flexible and practically limitless compared to other technologies.


Follow the example of worldwide brands such as Google, Samsung, or Forbes, and create a complex web solution with Angular. One of its main advantages is exceptional out-of-the-box usability. Since Angular comes with a wide set of pre-made features, it speeds up the development process and allows you to release your product faster while also reducing its costs. Also, Angular is widely recognized as the most consistent of frontend technologies because it allows the programmers to develop a module or a component in a commonly used way. Therefore, code written with Angular is generally clean and easy-to-understand for other developers.


Choose Vue.js to craft lightweight web solutions with delightful user interface design. Built and supported entirely by the developer community, Vue.js is a highly flexible, scalable and adaptable technology, which lets you create modern frontend solutions without going all-in with your funds. When we use Vue in amalgamation with supporting libraries and modern tooling, it delivers powerful courteous single-page applications. Vue-based apps are smaller in size but still perform well compared to other frontend frameworks. Importantly, Vue.js was crafted to be future-proof.

Choosing it for your frontend development will make it easier to maintain and support your app for years to come, as all its updates are focused on backwards compatibility.

Backend development is focused on what’s going on behind the scenes of an application, i.e on the so-called server-side, and is crucial when it comes to ensuring an app’s stable performance. With our backend development services, you can make certain that your application is secure, robust and scalable. We have delivered robust back-end solutions to startups and enterprises – from a Node.js-based MVP to a scalable microservices-based architecture written in Go, Java, Asp.Net or Python handling thousands of users.


Java is one of the most popular and powerful backend languages, used widely by multi-billion-dollar enterprises around the globe. It’s been used and developed for over 25 years now, which makes it rich in open-source libraries, frameworks, and other community resources. Therefore, it is considered one of the most secure and reliable among backend programming languages, and works equally well in client-side and server-side applications.


Younger than Java, Node.js is eagerly used both by startups and large enterprises. It is an excellent backend choice for building fast, scalable business applications. As with Java, a lively community makes Node.js resources dependable and up to date with the latest tech standards. One of the biggest advantages of using Node.js as a backend language is the impressive development speed, which can significantly reduce your app’s time-to-market. Node.js apps are also known for their high efficiency, enhanced performance and easy scalability.


Adored by startups as one of the hippest backend languages, Golang is a great choice for forward-thinking businesses pursuing innovation. Thanks to a number of built-in features, Golang reduces the need to use outside resources and provides outstanding application speed. Well suited for building microservice-based solutions, Golang is a great choice for applications that are expected to grow rapidly and need to be easily scalable. This language is also a great choice for projects that require efficient parallelism as it was specifically designed for multicore computers.


If you care about building your product quickly without sacrificing the quality, you should be using Python. It’s a versatile, easily readable language, popular with startups and SMEs, great for MVP development and prototyping, and widely used in industries such as fintech, machine learning, or big data. This isn’t just our opinion. Tech giants like Google, YouTube, Instagram, Dropbox, Netflix, or Spotify have all trusted Python, and it clearly was the right choice.


If fast and efficient development is important to you, .Net development services use modern language constructs, meaning you get easier-to-use platforms such as LINQ, generics, and asynchronous programming. It gives you high response times from your applications while using less processing power. It prevent issues such as malicious attacks and attempts to alter compiled code as well as bad pointer manipulation. The .Net framework is a cross-platform option that works with countless applications regardless of the platform they run on Read More...


Choose PHP for increased scalability. Distribute your overall workload between servers to handle more user requests thanks to the horizontal scalability with PHP. Since PHP is one of the most popular coding languages on the internet today, it is highly compatible with a wide range of platforms and frameworks. PHP wouldn’t be so widely popular if it weren’t robust. Beyond its simplicity, PHP lets you harness the power of adaptive content across diverse platforms and the ability to embed it in HTML to convert existing code into entirely new dynamic code Read More...



If you wish to build a large application or either you are planning to scale your app significantly over the years, go with Angular or React. Thanks to TypeScript, React is less prone to regressions in the future.

User interface

All the three technologies, that is, React, Angular, Vue.js, can help you build attractive UI’s for your projects easily. If you are OK with a generic interface, then Angular has numerous built-in Material Design options. But if you’re looking for quotient of creativeness in your project, and brand-aware interfaces, Vue.js is the right choice for your project.

Time to market

If your top priority is releasing your app to the market as fast as possible, consider using Vue.js or Angular. Both offer a variety of built-in tools, speeding up the development process.

Community support

Tech giants support both React and Angular, so they are regularly improved. Even though Vue.js is the only community-driven framework, it still is extremely popular and rich in resources.

Application performance

All three technologies, have exceptional results here. Vue.js is known for its exceptional results when it comes to smaller applications, so it will be particularly good for you if that’s the case.

Application size

If building a lightweight application is important to you, React or Vue.js are perfect for frontend development. Otherwise, Angular is considered to be the ‘heaviest’ of the three technologies.

Cross-platform options

If you need both a mobile and a web app, consider using React. Its cross-platform sibling, React Native, lets you use the logic of the mobile to build a web solution and speed up the development process.

Your company’s size

Angular is good for enterprises and large businesses with long-term development plans. If you’re a startup or a smaller company, go with Vue.js – a perfect choice for simpler frontend solutions.

A glance at our software development process

Let’s dig deeper into this highly organised process. There are many stages of the software development cycle, where each stage depends upon the kind of software development model selected by us. We generally work on agile and waterfall models, but rest depends upon the client requirement also — as we plan accordingly. We are very upright about what we do therefore, each software development process is important whether it is the brain storming during the planning process, or measuring the requirements and analysing the feasibility of the product. The design part is very crucial and must be outstanding, hence it is in this stage where we create the actual solution and detailed software architecture is created here while considering all the requirements from the client side. Then comes the longest stage of the development cycle, here everything is about writing the code and strengthening the backbone of the software product. Here the development cycle proceeds with alpha, beta and then from the candidate to the actual build is released. Then the testing stage starts once the architecture is built and ready. Thereafter, the integration rolls on, and our quality assurance team preforms series of tests to ensure that code is bug free and good to go and more importantly it should meet — our clients business goals. The implementation and deployment stages are little cumbersome yet important, as the actual crafted solution is installed and tried for any specific change, if needed. Now depending upon the project, the straightforward or staggered built is released. Then finally, the operations and maintenance stage, takes over and wherever necessary the software is fine-tuned and enhance as per the client feedback

Scoping & estimation

In-depth analysis to know your vision and business needs

We start with identifying the scope of your project and reviewing the product idea in the context of your business goals and requirements. We discuss the potential features, tech solutions and time required to deliver them. At the end of this stage, we are ready to give you a general development quotation and schedule.

Workshops & preparation

Shaping your idea and specifying the details

To make sure that your web application becomes a success, we put together a session of Data, Product or Strategy workshops, from which you can choose according to your specific needs. After this phase ends, we’ll have wireframes of your app as well as the first design drafts, development requirements, and the basic documentation of the project.

Design & development

Curving out your idea of application into a reality

Time to bring your idea to life! During this phase, we complete the designs and start the development of your web or mobile application. It usually takes us 3 months to create a fully-functional and minimum viable product, that is, the version of your application that’s ready to be released to the market. We hope that you keep this in mind that the length of this stage varies, depending on the scope and complexity of the app.

Product release

Bringing your application to users

Your app is ready to be brought to the market. When we’re done with development, we take care of the deployment and release. As time is of essence during this phase, we make sure that every part of the system is released right on schedule, and works seamlessly.

Maintenance & support

Taking good care of your app

Your digital product is released, but our work doesn’t necessarily end here. We are very proud to announce that we are having very good long-term relationship with our customers and will continue to do so in the future; if there are any additional features, you’d like your product to have or an enhancement that you’d like to try out, or simply want us to take care of maintenance and support, we’re always ready to be of your assistance.


Elite Web Technologies, has all — that you need us to deliver, we just need your nod to move-in quickly and strategize every technical chunk for you. We will help you navigate effortlessly through every stage of software development cycle, once your project starts. We will assist you to decide what is best for your project, brainstorm it for you from the scratch, and once we are good to go then we will — just initialize.


In all these years, we have carefully nurtured

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