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It is critical to know the objectives and specifications of the user when developing a web app. Our company’s culture at Elite Web Technologies places a priority on meeting the needs of our clients. One of our web application development teams can fix any problems you might encounter with web apps. Use Elite Web Technologies web application development services to expand your company beyond all your greatest dreams. We provide comprehensive and incredibly effective web application development services.

We aim to offer our customers the best web application solutions. We can handle all your web development requirements in one location. Our creative team develops a unique website that perfectly captures the essence of your business. 

What is web application development?

The steps of creating, designing, evaluating, and implementing a web-based application are known as web application development. A business may develop a unique web application to establish an online presence. Web apps are dynamic pages that run on a web server and accept user input. A web application is distinct since it is hosted online and may be accessed through a browser. They make backups much simpler, more economical, and safer than developing mobile applications.
Websites and web applications can be compared in a wide range of ways because they are technically and theoretically similar. Web application developers use languages like front-end HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The same server-side programming languages, like DotNet or Python, that website developers use to create web pages may be used in the back end of web apps. Web apps, however, operate considerably differently from conventional websites on any device in terms of how they work.

Types of web application development services

Web applications come in a wide variety of types. Businesses can employ a wide range of web applications to boost profitability, adhere to higher security standards, transmit information, provide product information online, and more. Some companies may be perfect for a given online application form, but not all. Each type of web application has a specific set of qualities. The following list illustrates the most used types of web applications and how companies use them.

Backend frameworks

We start with identifying the scope of your project and reviewing the product idea in the context of your business goals and requirements. We discuss the potential features, tech solutions and time required to deliver them. At the end of this stage, we are ready to give you a general development quotation and schedule.

Front-end frameworks

In contrast to the backend, which comprises a server, a database, and the code that interacts with them, the front end of a web application is what the user notices and interacts with. Front-end frameworks manage web design and user interaction throughout the site. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are typically used to do this. While there are other benefits to using a front-end framework over creating the code from scratch, the main benefit is time savings. A developer can start with the foundations and gain access to additional components that would otherwise be inaccessible with the help of frameworks. Developers may be confident it will work because the code in front-end frameworks has previously been pretested and certified as functional.

Portal Web Applications

Businesses can design specialized user interfaces that better satisfy the needs of their users thanks to web portal applications. Unlike many other web applications, a portal online application necessitates user’s login into a secured area in order to view content or complete tasks. After users log into the portal using their unique member credentials, the service provider can see how they utilize the website. Some functionalities might be restricted based on the level of access given to that particular user.

Static web application

This application is considered static due to its characteristics and lack of stretch. Everyone who uses this program, which works like a collection of static web pages, sees the same information. These pages were made with the aid of HTML and CSS. It is challenging to change these pages because they are built on the server end. Developers must completely reload the page for the changes to take effect. No interactive features are provided. However, other businesses prefer to use this system to gather contact information, individual information, and business information to create their websites. In this situation, users don’t need to enter any info..

Ecommerce application

An e-commerce application can be profitable for any company that handles online sales of products or services. Customers can make electronic payments using credit cards or other payment options through e-commerce platforms. For this kind of website, an administration panel that enables the administrator to manage costs, amend existing listings, add new product listings, and delete entries is necessary. Business-to-business, business-to-customer, customer-to-customer, and consumer-to-business are some of the various e-commerce application categories. Businesses hope an e-commerce app will contain useful features like reporting tools, email marketing integration, multiple payment options, promotion and discount code tools, and the power to scale and add new features to suit its target audience’s needs.

CMS web applications

A content management system is frequently used by businesses to manage web content. The development, updating, and publication of information online is made more accessible by a content management system. Most often, content created in a CMS is stored in a database where it can be easily accessed when needed. CMS online applications enhance workflow management, allowing administrators to assign responsibilities and privileges depending on roles like editors, writers, and admins. This type of web tool, which emphasizes collaboration, can be helpful for businesses across various industries.

Dynamic web application

This application is called a dynamic application since programming is needed on both the client and server sides. You are working with a dynamic web application if you use this program to search, sign up for an account, post a comment, or communicate in any other way since you can alter the input to receive various results. Instead of web pages appearing in a fixed order, the output of this application relies on input from the client end or server end. Programming languages like PHP and ASP were used to construct this Internet application.

What is the difference between a web app and a website?

Multiple characteristics distinguish websites and web apps. Web apps will likely be the next development in websites’ progression. The two technologies do, however, have some significant differences that must be examined.


Web apps almost universally require registration and login, whereas websites frequently permit public access. Visitors to websites without registration often have access to and a similar experience to those of registered users. In contrast, web apps almost always require user authentication because they provide services that are customized to the user’s demands. Banking apps are a fantastic real-world illustration of this. Yes, there are online services that are comparable for all account holders. However, each user’s experience varies depending on their specific financial information.


The major difference between websites and web applications, as seen by the user, is function. Web apps help users, whereas websites supply information. The content of a website can be seen, read, or listened to, but it cannot be altered. On the other hand, content in web applications contains not only readable parts but also interactive ones. Data manipulation is possible with web applications. An illustration of interactive web content is a basic format. A web app is most likely anything that provides an online service.


Websites are much simpler than web applications. Simply put, websites are collections of static web pages. Websites are still easier to create than web applications despite the fact that modern web development standards have made them more dynamic. In addition to flawless performance and service delivery, web applications require backend services, numerous user levels, and data processing capabilities. The security of internet applications likewise calls for more sophisticated technologies.

Why choose a web app Development Company?

Elite Web Technologies is a well-known provider of web application development services and is proud to support domestic and foreign trade. We always ensure that you are completely satisfied, whether looking for website design services, starting a new website, or asking for flash application development for your website. We process with excellent solutions for new websites, ideas for existing websites that need to be rebuilt, or even if you need help developing your own website.

What makes our website development services different from others?

Elite Web Technologies distinguishes itself from its competitors by prioritizing you and your expectations. Your goals, plans, and expectations with regard to growing your business through the web application are always in the back of our professional’s minds at Elite Web Technologies.

Professional care

A web application may substantially assist any company by lowering the issues and difficulties that develop during the process. Thus, it needs to be used with special care. Elite Web Technologies offer the advantage of having experts who are continuously focused on your needs.


The application will only work with prior web application development experience. Elite Web Technologies is blessed to have smart individuals on staff. The development teams are made up of people with in-depth understanding and a broad range of skills.


Elite Web Technologies is renowned among its customers for its consistent support. We occasionally provide upgrades for websites or web applications.

Rapid response

Every day, there is more rivalry in every industry, thus, rapid and effective answers are required. Because of the highly skilled and devoted staff, our Elite Web Technologies provides you with the swift assistance you need.


Elite Web Technologies, has all — that you need us to deliver, we just need your nod to move-in quickly and strategize every technical chunk for you. We will help you navigate effortlessly through every stage of software development cycle, once your project starts. We will assist you to decide what is best for your project, brainstorm it for you from the scratch, and once we are good to go then we will — just initialize.


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