Enterprise Software Development

full spectrum of application design, development, maintenance,

Elite offers a full spectrum of application design, development, maintenance, and support services along with the flexibility of engagement models and project scopes.

Whether you are looking for a qualified software development provider to deliver a custom enterprise software solution, an experienced integrator to create a connected software ecosystem or a diversified team of developers to handle a bunch of enterprise apps, you can turn to Elite.

Custom Enterprise Software Development

Team Elite helps you design and implement custom enterprise apps that automate versatile organizational and client-centric workflows. We create software solutions from scratch or tune the up and running systems to smoothly embed them into your IT landscape

Enterprise Application Integration

We help you put together scattered enterprise applications to achieve business process continuity, data integrity, and barrier-free collaboration. By integrating enterprise solutions, we ensure that the entire software environment is flawless and secure.

Legacy App Upgrade And Modernization

We help you revitalize your legacy software by reviewing its technical architecture, migrating it to newer platforms, enriching it with fresh features, making it device-agnostic, improving its UI and UX, as well as aligning it with modern security requirements.

Why Go For Enterprise Software Development With Elite?

As an enterprise software development company, we aim at building a long-term partnership with our customers. We enable organizations to tune up their project scopes, benefit from onsite or remote collaboration, and reshape cooperation upon their capabilities and needs.

Technology Consulting

Technology consulting is integrated deeply into every project. Whether you have a business idea to implement or a business problem to solve, with Elite, you get free technology roadmap consulting prior to project kickoff and expert technical support at all delivery stages.

We Speak Business

We get deep into your business processes to create a solution that tackles your everyday organizational scenarios, be it a content management workflow, a production process or enterprise-wide communication. Our business analysts translate your needs into technology solutions coordinated with your industry specifics and business peculiarities.

Technical Risk Reduction

A compelling software application is not restricted to a beautiful interface and immersive user experience. It is also about reduced technical risk through well-considered architectural design and a stably functioning solution backbone that is easy and cost-effective to maintain, integrate with other systems, and enhance over time

Scaling Up Dedicated Teams

With over 150 IT professionals on board, we easily handle projects that require involving diversified development teams and imply simultaneous work on various software components built with different technologies. We adjust our resources depending on the project stage, complexity and solution type, as well as ensure that the delegated specialists integrate smoothly into in-house IT departments if needed.

End to End – Enterprise Solutions Expertise

Our product engineering experience and expertise across 130+ tools and technologies help us provide a complete spectrum of services for our customers.

Business Scenarios


  • Consistent branding and messaging
  • One overall user interface design (a user can be familiar with your app on any device)
  • Reduced costs compared with attempting to build individual apps for each device
  • A more organized and successful launch, often resulting in reduced marketing costs


  • Promote company policies and culture
  • eLearning functionalities and employee onboarding
  • Employee workspaces
  • Team workspaces
  • Work planning and management support
  • Surveys, discussions and feedback collection


  • Powerful indexing and search
  • Collaboration during document editing
  • Best practices reuse
  • Create Taxonomies for information classification, filtering and browsing


  • Document classification
  • Scanning and archiving
  • Documents metadata