Published Jan 04, 2022

Futuristic Technology

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The world is changing, and most appropriately we can say that it is slowly turning to — Metaverse. This initialization of the thought process tore arrange every day’s work out to a new normal, that is, everything virtual, at least in the corporate world, is an unannounced need of the time. This term “Metaverse” was coined by Mr. Neal Stephenson, a fiction writer, in his novel — “Snow Crash”, a New York Best Seller of the time. When the Facebook owner, Mark Zuckerberg, announced that they are now Meta Platforms Inc., he took the whole world by surprise, although Metaverse is already existing among us for the past many years

Why eyebrows are raising about Metaverse?

Although many companies including tech giants like Facebook & Microsoft have made it clear that they want to immerse in this futuristic technology, which will change how we are conversing currently in our day-to-day life. They want to convert everything we are doing — to just virtual. This is how they want to proceed in the future. What if, you have a photorealistic avatar of yourself and attend few meetings, for say, on your own behalf on different portals by just using some wearable device. Wouldn’t it be fantastic? Yes, it is. The benevolent technologies like AR (Augmented Reality) & VR (Virtual Reality) will definitely be the guiding forces to acknowledge the augmentation of Metaverse but in the virtual world. Some of the eyebrows were raised in lieu of real time surprise and a feeling of buzz, when the Apple’s Animoji turned your voice and facial expressions into an animated emoji faces like Mouse, Octopus, Cow etcetera.

A serendipity of VR in the tech world

Facebook has come up with Horizon Workroom — a virtual space for the teams to work remotely through virtual reality. The kind of fan following Facebook has it will definitely create a niche of VR in the coming times, in fact, the journey has already been started. Let’s see if we catch up with the serendipity of virtual reality to see ourselves in the whirlwind of futuristic immersive environments. Furthermore, to shape up Metaverse, social media tech giant Facebook has injected $50 million into it. There are other players in the market, who want to embrace the tranquillity, that the future will hold for most of us. Microsoft is one of them, as it has named the Metaverse they understand as — Mesh. A rife speculation suggests that they will introduce the same in Teams by 2022. Gallows of technological vibes, are suggesting a changeover, as this might be a biggest turn of events — after the benevolent smartphone era. Microsoft is getting itself ready to endure the wildfire like changeover, that is, the Metaverse, hence shaped up one thing they call — Holoportation. To explain this without further ado, the users will be able to make their photorealistic holographic selves available to different team members, clients etc at their disposal. There is a speculation that Mesh can be used in various ways, that is, through VR headsets, mobiles, PC’s and other devices. If Holoportation will be clubbed with Hololens, then the you will be mesmerized by the experience you will get.

Youngsters resonating with Metaverse?

Whenever any novel game is launched then the core of its audience belongs mostly to the youngsters, as they are the game changers — driven by their imagination, and if the imagination is coupled with immersive 3D experience given by the game, for instance, Roblox, then its users can have the fun that resonates well with their imaginative cores and gives the whole experience a touch of a dreamed reality, and that is nothing else but — Metaverse Roblox, has earned its success as the highly ranked platform, where most of its audience is below 18 years of age. In the gaming world, without any doubt the Metaverse is pre-existing, thus enabling the tech giants like Microsoft & Facebook to make a firm grip on this fabulous technology, and further elongate its edges through novel development. One more player in the gaming world, that is, Fortnite is letting you save the world with its highly immersive modes, where you can deeply submerge into the aesthetics of this game, yet allowing you to explore the indefinite corners of the undiscovered world. It’s a total retreat in the world of Metaverse. The parent company of Fortnite, that is, Epic Games have recently brought the Ariana Grande in a digital concert at Fortnite, that lasted for roughly 20 minutes, gave the surreal touch to her pre-recorded songs and dipped the hearts of her fans into the lyrical clouds giving the touch of Metaverse to the whole experience. Her avatar was constantly changing her outfits along with the set, the Metaverse experience befitted with Fortnite & very well differentiated Ariana Grande’s repertoire. To conclude with the experience of gamers who were the part of this showtime, they were enjoying as they bounced on trees, performed pirouettes, all thanks to —Fortnite’s Metaverse.

A quick glance at the technologies involved before we sum up

As the world of technology is still stacking, testing, and coming up with new technologies that will resonate with Metaverse, but there are few technologies that may have larger share in shaping up Metaverse like virtual reality, mixed reality, and augmented reality.Moreover, other technologies like ‘Meatspace’,in contrast with old world term ‘cyberspace’ and assisted reality are also hanging in, in their bid to expand this Meta experience. It’s important to mention here that VR is just the driving factor here and not the technology, that is, — the Metaverse. We all are lucky to be engulfed with idea of the world where everything will be seen with virtual realities.
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