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By Elite Digital Team “17 February 2022”
Websites are now an integral part of our lives, as one can search the content on internet with the help of internet browsers on desktop or on a mobile phone. We are very much tethered to websites, when we need to specifically look for something, for instance, if you are looking for the website development then your search on the internet will glide you to those companies who are extending the marquee of their software services, especially the website development as their core. The next possible step will be to select any one of the companies from the result, and initiate the communication with the concerned people, who can understand your need, and cushions you to sync with web developer’s, simply to transform your novel idea of the website from your hindsight to the designer’s desktop. There is a chance that you may not get the ideal website ready and delivered at your end, leaving you to feel for the scarcity of good web developer & search for the right candidate from the scratch to make your dream website a reality. Therefore, it cannot be ruled out that the demand of talented web developers will be on the surge in this decade, especially in the year 2022.

How someone shapes into a web developer?

Computer programming
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There is no formal education required to become a web developer, rather it is the skills that matter in the year 2022. One should be a programming wizard to some extent and have a bent of mind to create the World Wide Web applications, using a client-server model. From the plethora of programming languages, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are used on the client side, and on the server side, languages like (C#), PHP, Python, Node.js, Java are used. For communication between client & server, the HTTP is used. Once the programmer acquires the wisdom of few languages which are needed in any specific project, now it is to be decided that whether web developer want to be a front-end developer (on the client- side) or a back-end developer (on the server-side), otherwise one can also be a full stack developer (both).

Total number of websites

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As per the raw data from the there are around 1.5 billion websites all over the world, and from those websites only 200 million have the status of an active website. Tim Berners-Lee, the director of W3C (, is the brain behind the formation of World Wide Web, celebrated the numero uno milestone as the websites touched the dream figure of 1 billion in 2014, on contrary to just having only 1 website in the year 1991. The scope of web developers is very bright, as now it is 2022, and lot of things have already changed and are continuously changing as this article is being written. Marvellous it is!!

Different kind of websites

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Availability of Web Developers It is basically not the number which is important but rather it is the type of website, and to the kind attention of our readers, there are a plenty of them. To start with, there are at least 32 prominent types of websites, first one is the MSME website (Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises) as it is quite useful for small medium businesses to enhance their online presence, second one is corporate website which usually consists of large information, third one is single page website, fourth one is the E-commerce website where online products are sold, for instance,, fifth one is the biography website where one provide all the information about their brand to enhance their digital presence, for example, a suggested name: not real); sixth one is the portfolio website where one puts all the projects in one place and most of the time it is linked to their CV also or placed at project portals like, for instance,

Availability of Web Developers

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This is just a figment of one’s thought, that sophomore web developers lack quality in their work, rather it is the passion that sometimes act as a spoilsport. Do not let yourself being contaminated by the alien thoughts, this field is goldmine for those who wish to enact their technical wisdom and blend that with the aesthetics of state-of-the-art designs to form a website — which act as a catalyst for the other web developers who wish to jump in this field. Your scaffold of relevant skills should continue to rise high if you want to be part of this journey.

The impact of Covid on Web Developers & the contemporary world alike

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The changing environments are crucial for the businesses to remain in the list of viable contestants who wish to occupy the market shares in their respective markets. Post Covid era, the world of many had shattered in lieu of complications attached to the safe distancing and other prominent suggestions by the government regarding the Covid. Most of the offline businesses who had been absent on the online space, now wish to pursue the online market, and for that they need to get start with a novel website that can enlist their products and services being offered by them. While the programming world was in the sublime position although the IT businesses also got hit too with this post Covid implications hammering the client relationship to some extent. But on the contrary, many of the web developers found that there was a surge in requests for the websites, from all over business verticals, for instance, Govt offices like the Passport Department, NGO’s, private companies, and Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises. In the Covid period, when every one was operating from the home and WFH cultural seemed like a new constant, this has had a great impact on those institutions who were directly connected with the education sector, for example, schools and universities.The educational organizations felt immense pressure when every thing was needed online, they were immediately in contact with web developers seeking indefinite digital solutions, ultimately increasing their demand. Although there are now relaxations from the government, but the fear of another possible lockdown is keeping the businesses on the edge, hence making the availability of refined web developer on the escalation. Luckily, there is no scarcity of web developers, in fact there is a huge potential in the same field, and hopefully web developers will be on the edge to grab all those intimidating opportunities, and blend the world of websites with their novel ideas.   

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